Researchers Test Drones For Spraying Rice Fields In Zanzibar With Silicone-Based Liquid To Inhibit Mosquito Reproduction, Prevent Malaria

Associated Press: Zanzibar tests drones spraying rice fields to fight malaria
“For the first time drones are being tested to help fight malaria on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. The drones will spray a silicone-based liquid on rice paddies, where there are large expanses of stagnant water where malaria-carrying mosquitoes lay their eggs…” (Sultan, 11/5).

Reuters: Researchers use drones to pilot a new tool to fight malaria
“…The researchers, led by Bart Knols from Radboud University in The Netherlands, plan to sample the larvae and the mosquitoes in the fields before, during, and after spraying it with the silicone-based liquid, Aquatain AMF, to test its impact. … Malawi has used drones to map mosquito breeding sites but the researchers in Zanzibar say preventing pupae and larvae from attaching themselves to the surface of the water takes the malaria fight to the next level…” (Waita/Mohammed, 11/5).