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Researchers Face Challenges In Zika Vaccine Development, Mosquito Control Efforts

The Guardian: Race is on to develop Zika vaccine but tests on pregnant women raise concern (Milman, 2/3).

NPR: Attention Turns To Repelling Mosquitoes That Carry Zika, Dengue (Montagne, 2/2).

Reuters: Scientists’ Path to Usable Zika Vaccine Strewn with Hurdles (2/2).

Reuters: Zika mosquitoes’ habits may foil U.S. elimination efforts (Steenhuysen, 2/2).

Reuters: U.N. ready to irradiate mosquito sperm to combat Zika virus (Nasralla, 2/2).

Reuters: Florida leads U.S. in ramping up mosquito programs over Zika virus (Gonzales, 2/2).