Research!America Profiles Various U.S. States Regarding Global Health R&D

This post in the Global Health Technologies Coalition’s (GHTC) “Breakthroughs” blog is the first of a series in which Research!America, a member of the GHTC, will profile various U.S. states based on an analyses the organization conducted “to measure the economic impact of [research & development (R&D)], highlighting the benefits of it for states across the nation,” and to examine “what the [U.S.] is doing to advance global health R&D and why our continued support of such work is crucial for the health and prosperity of our future.” In the post, Danielle Doughman, program manager for global health R&D advocacy at Research!America, shares the organization’s findings in the state of California, writing, “California’s world class universities, businesses, and non-profits create a robust global health sector with significant impacts on job creation, tax revenue and health” (1/25).