Report, U.N. Human Rights Experts Cite Dangers Of Pesticides, Other Toxic Chemicals To Human Health

Reuters: Human reproduction, health broadly damaged by toxic chemicals: report
“…Among the poor health outcomes linked to pesticides, air pollutants, plastics, and other chemicals, according to the report from the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), an organization representing obstetrical and gynecological associations from 125 countries, are miscarriage and still births, an increase in cancer, attention problems, and hyperactivity…” (Gillam, 10/1).

U.N. News Centre: Warning of dangers to health, environment, U.N. experts urge phase-out of hazardous pesticides
“Two independent United Nations human rights experts [Monday] called for an immediate worldwide phase-out on use of highly hazardous pesticides that are inflicting significant damage on human health and the environment…” (9/28).