Report Examines Practice In Some Countries Of Detaining Hospital Patients With Unpaid Medical Bills

U.S. News & World Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Poor People Detained in Hospitals
“…Mwenge is one of hundreds of thousands of people estimated to be illegally detained every year by hospitals in poor countries worldwide, according to a new study attempting to quantify the problem, which experts describe as a major violation of human rights. … In the report released by British think tank Chatham House on Wednesday, experts reviewed nine studies on the issue and combed through media articles documenting cases of patients detained in 14 countries from Latin America to sub-Saharan Africa. … The researchers said based on that limited data, the rate of detentions reported, and the size of the countries where such reports originated, it was likely that hundreds of thousands more people faced the same fate…” (Cheng/Maliro, 12/5).