Report Analyzes Factors Influencing Private Global Health R&D Investment

Brookings Institution’s “TechTank”: Assessing the challenges, opportunities, and investment options in global health R&D
Jack Schneider, research assistant at the Brookings Institution, writes, “As a part of the Brookings Private Sector Global Health R&D Project, the Evans School of Policy Analysis and Research (EPAR) at the University of Washington has published a paper assessing the constraints, opportunities, and investment options in global health R&D. … To help answer why there is a dearth of funding for global health R&D, the EPAR research team analyzed 132 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 10-K annual reports. The team evaluated five potential barriers to investment: scientific uncertainty, policy and regulatory environment inhibitors, limited revenues and market uncertainty, high fixed costs and sunk costs, and imperfect markets…” (4/24).