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Regional Governments Must Urgently Address Venezuela’s Health Crisis

Washington Post: Venezuela’s health crisis demands an urgent regional response
Tamara Taraciuk Broner, senior Americas researcher at Human Rights Watch, and Kathleen Page, associate professor and medical doctor at Johns Hopkins University

“…The collapse of Venezuela’s health system has become evident to the world with the massive exodus of Venezuelans. … To uphold the rights to food and health in Venezuela, regional governments should convene a high-level meeting and invite experts from the Organization of American States, the European Union, key U.N. agencies, and nongovernmental groups to design an aid plan. Participants should agree on immediate, medium- and long-term strategies that include an independent assessment of the scale of the crisis. And then — what might actually be harder still — they should put considerable pressure on Venezuela to accept whatever aid is needed. In the meantime, they should consider working closely with nongovernmental and church groups to get more aid into the country. That won’t solve the problem, but could provide additional and much-needed relief to the Venezuelan people” (11/26).