Redesigned UNDP Development Strategy Focuses On 6 ‘Signature Solutions,’ Calls For More Resources

Devex: Steiner says new UNDP plan is not a cure-all, but a ‘future-focused’ push forward
“The United Nations Development Programme, one of the largest U.N. agencies responsible for reducing poverty and inequality, is backing a redesigned, ‘future-focused’ plan that is necessary to face the world’s changing development and political challenges, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner told Devex. UNDP rolled out its new strategic plan for 2018 through 2021 on Wednesday, and is now working to persuade member states to match its revamped strategy with an 11 percent growth in available resources, from about $23 billion to more than $25 billion over the next four years…” (Lieberman, 12/1).

Inter Press Service: Six ‘Signature Solutions’ — New Development Plan for a New Era
“While the top priority of any development strategy is still the same — to leave no one behind — the new challenges that have emerged show the need to adapt the actions necessary to face them. This appears to be the key rationale behind the new 21st century development plan, which identifies six ‘signature solutions’ against which the U.N. development agency will align its resources and expertise to make a real impact on poverty, governance, energy access, gender equality, resilience, and environmental sustainability…” (Kamal, 11/30).