Public, Private Sectors Can Work Together To Improve Health Systems, Solve ‘Health Workforce Crisis’

Huffington Post: Five Investments Countries Can Make for Healthier People and Economies
Pape Amadou Gaye, IntraHealth International President and CEO

“…For years, global health and development have been the domains of aid workers and the public sector, of governments and nongovernmental agencies, all working with limited resources to solve huge problems in the midst of other huge problems — meeting the need for new hospitals and health centers in the remotest regions, for example, while also struggling to bring much-needed electricity and roads to them. These problems are too big for the public sector alone. We need new stakeholders, and an all-new architecture for working together — not only for greater global good, but for greater economic well-being, as well. … By pooling [public sector] resources and know-how with businesses and creating thriving mixed markets for health care, we can help solve the health workforce crisis and help countries build stronger populations and economies. I have a few ideas for how we can work together to get there: Better data use. … Stronger education and training institutions. … A focus on primary health care. … Tap into the diaspora. … Policies that pave the way for collaboration…” (2/24).