Public, Private Sector Collaboration Critical To Improving Global Food Security

Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ “Global Food for Thought”: Guest Commentary — Private Sector Intervention in Global Food Security
Alaa Murabit, Sustainable Development Goal global advocate, U.N. high-level commissioner for health employment and economic growth, and MIT Media Lab Director’s fellow, discusses the importance of private sector involvement in food security solutions, writing, “Food security will be an increasingly critical security priority for global leaders in the coming decades. International coordination to improve financing systems for humanitarian aid requires public and private sector leaders that can build resilient food systems in the context of an increasingly interdependent and volatile global landscape. … The alignment of global food security must involve public and private actors. This will enable nations to meet both demands on the food system and emergency humanitarian crises into the long-term, achieved by sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and food availability…” (3/9).