Public-Private Partnerships Can Improve Maternal, Child Health In Kenya

Huffington Post: Ending Maternal and Child Deaths in Kenya — The Private Sector Can Help
Siddharth Chatterjee, UNFPA representative to Kenya, and Nicholas Muraguri, director of medical services at Kenya’s Ministry of Health

“…The private sector has the resources, rigor, expertise, and innovative spirit needed to create new and more-effective products, services, and technologies to deliver public goods. These are qualities that have not received full attention in improving health care delivery and saving lives. … Fostering public-private sector partnerships will help fill the gaps in capacity, resources, knowledge, and innovation to reduce the greatest mortality risks faced by women today. It will also set a new standard for how companies, governments, United Nations, and NGOs can work together towards a shared goal. … The upward trend of health spending in Kenya provides an opportune environment for the private sector to innovate and invest to deliver self-sustaining solutions to the core problems impeding MNCH outcomes…” (9/8).