Public Education, Trust Vital To Global Vaccination Efforts

The Guardian: The Guardian view on vaccination: a duty of public health
Editorial Board

“…Because of the way that herd immunity works, [parents who refuse to vaccinate their children] are threatening other people’s children too, some of whom cannot for medical reasons be vaccinated. … If parents trusted the state, the medical profession, or the gatekeepers of the media, this problem would not arise. … When power is no longer trusted, it does not matter that it [is] telling the truth. Yet the distrust of anti-vaxxer parents is a threat to everyone’s children and not just their own. One step is obviously a campaign of public education by figures who are trusted by the target audience in the way that their friends on social media are. If public health campaigns were run with half the ruthless ingenuity displayed by betting companies, we might be better off. But not everything can be left to governments and large companies. Parents who care about their own children’s health must be prepared to take the argument to the playgrounds and on to social media as well” (2/17).