Providing Access To Reproductive Health Services Critical For Migrant Women, Opinion Piece Argues

Thomson Reuters Foundation: OPINION: What the lack of access to safe abortion means for migrant women
Viviana Waisman, president and CEO of Women’s Link Worldwide

“…In order for governments to live up to their obligations to respect and protect the rights of women, it is crucial that they view abortion as a healthcare service that women and girls may need at any point in their lives, and that when they do, it is urgent. Not providing the reproductive healthcare services that women need throughout their lives, including prenatal care and access to safe abortions when necessary, constitutes discrimination. At the same time, if a government fails to extend these services to migrant women, they are blatantly disregarding the needs of an entire population. … Even in countries where abortion is legal, there are still barriers that disproportionately affect migrant women. In order for access to abortion to be meaningful, it must be legal, safe, free, and accessible for all women. Without exception” (9/28).