Providing Access To Family Planning Services In Conflict Settings Critical

Devex: Opinion: For women in conflict settings, family planning services are often first to go
Ashraf Fouad, country director of DKT Egypt

“…It’s every woman’s right to choose when and if to have children. … Often, in times of conflict, the right or ability to access family planning is one of the first things women lose. … It’s not just about delivering contraceptive products to men and women at a price everyone can afford. Family planning organizations must also find creative ways to train providers and midwives to ensure contraceptive availability; to avert unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and maternal and child mortality; and to help ensure that contraceptive supplies are delivered safely and timely to remaining gynecologists and pharmacies. … Supporting women in choosing a better future for themselves, especially in places where there are social and political conflicts, is what drives these programs. And we will continue to ensure access to family planning, which overshadows differences in culture, economics, politics, gender, and religion” (2/13).