Protecting Access To Safe Abortions, Supporting Women Must Be High Priority, Opinion Piece Says

The Lancet: We must all support women in the fight for abortion
Editorial Board

“…The Guttmacher-Lancet Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) explained why protecting safe abortions should be a high priority. … Importantly, the Commission concluded: ‘to move the SRHR policy agenda forward, advocates and policy makers should bring scientific evidence to legislative and other policy debate.’ As our 2019 Commission on the legal determinants of health stated, ‘laws that are poorly designed, implemented, or enforced can harm marginalized populations and entrench stigma and discrimination.’ The laws passed [recently restricting abortion in several U.S. states] are demonstrably poorly designed, implemented, and enforced, and will have these described effects. … [W]e must all stand up for women. Abortion is a settled, inviolable right that is central to achieving not only reproductive health goals but women’s freedom over their own bodies. It is of the utmost importance that medical organizations, journals, NGOs, and advocates come together to condemn the rolling back of abortion laws and campaign for rights to be respected” (5/25).