Proper Communication With MSM, Key Populations Vital To Providing Comprehensive Sexual, Reproductive Health Services

The Conversation: Why men who have sex with men have problems with health care in Africa
Adamson S. Muula, professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of Malawi

“…[I]n many African countries, knowledge to guide HIV programming for men who have sex with men is only just developing. And when there are guidelines, the services are not always available. This means that many people in these key populations do not get the services they need. … Several studies on men who have sex with men have been done in Malawi and Tanzania. … Many of the studies … show that stigma and discrimination are common. … Although health workers said they provided services to everyone without regard of sexual orientation, the men interviewed in our study said they experienced constrained access to services. … Our experience as a medical school testifies that our graduates may not be ready to take down the sexual history of their patients in a nonjudgmental way. This clearly will have an impact on their ability to provide sexual reproductive and health services…” (11/8).