Promoting Technology, Incentives, Recognizing ‘Health Systems Do Not Exist In A Vacuum’ Keys To Achieving UHC

Project Syndicate: Why Economists Put Health First
Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel laureate in economics, and emeritus professor of economics and professor of operations research at Stanford University; and Apurva Sanghi lead economist for Kenya at the World Bank

“…[T]he question is not whether universal health coverage is valuable, but how to make it a reality. More than a hundred countries have taken steps down this path; in the process, they have revealed important opportunities and strategies to accelerate progress toward the goal of health for all. … [W]e must push public health systems beyond their usual boundaries by investing in and promoting new technologies, sharpening incentives, and recognizing that health systems do not exist in a vacuum. Universal health coverage is right, smart, and overdue. To achieve a world where everyone’s health needs are met and nobody is trapped in poverty, our leaders must heed this message and act on it” (12/14).