Progress In Reducing Infant Mortality Reversed In Crisis-Hit Venezuela, Study Shows

Devex: Venezuela crisis reverses infant mortality progress by 18 years, Lancet finds
“Venezuela has wiped out 18 years of gains in infant mortality rates as the country continues to experience economic and political instability that has triggered a massive humanitarian crisis, a new paper published in The Lancet has found. ‘There has been a constant denial from government officials of the health crisis in recent years,’ said Jenny GarcĂ­a, one of the report’s authors. ‘Losing 18 years of progress is a lot. That is really shocking. After having 50 years of constant decreasing infant mortality, we still are going back to the ’90s’…” (Welsh, 1/25).

The Telegraph: Child deaths rocket as Venezuela descends into economic and social breakdown
“The progress made in reducing the rates of death among babies less than a year old in Venezuela has completely reversed as the country has descended into an economic and humanitarian crisis. Once one of the richest countries in South America, Venezuela is now in meltdown. Thousands of protesters have been thronging the capital’s streets in recent days in a bid to topple president Nicolas Maduro, whose economic policies are blamed for hyper-inflation and a breakdown of public services…” (Gulland, 1/24).

Additional coverage of the crisis in Venezuela is available from the New York Times (2), U.N. News, and Washington Post.