President Trump’s Proposed Budget Could Hamper U.S. Ability To Address Infectious Disease Threats

New York Times: Letter to the Editor: Fighting Deadly Diseases
David S. Perlin, executive director at the Public Health Research Institute at Rutgers

“Combating infectious diseases … demands our attention as a prominent threat to American health and security. … Our own medical backyard is a proving ground for deadly diseases, as advances in cancer therapy and transplantation place patients at high risk for development of life-threatening infections. Sadly, drug resistance is causing us to lose our ability to treat these infections. We urgently need to develop next-generation diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics. Yet, if implemented, President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to our scientific enterprise — the engine for disease prevention innovation — will hamper our ability to address the current crisis of antibiotic resistance and to counter effectively unknown microbial threats” (4/5).