President Trump’s Proposal To Cut Family Planning Funding Sends ‘Clear Message’ To Women In U.S., Abroad

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Robert J. Walker, president of the Population Institute

“…President Trump … has sent a clear message to … women in the developing world who want to avoid a pregnancy, and it is not a derogatory tweet. It’s a budget recommendation, and it is not just nasty; it is positively devastating. The president’s proposed budget for FY2018 calls for the defunding of all international family planning assistance. Currently, the U.S. is spending [$607.5] million a year in support of family planning and reproductive health programs in the developing world, including support for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), but the president wants to eliminate all funding. … President Trump, quite simply, does not care about women who want, or need, to avoid a pregnancy. And it does not matter where those women live. The president does not discriminate. In addition to cutting international family planning assistance, President Trump wants to roll back the expansion of contraceptive coverage that has occurred in this country under Obamacare. … In whatever form it ultimately takes, Trumpcare simply does not care about the reproductive health care needs of women…” (7/7).