U.S. President Trump Should Push For Political Solution In Yemen To Help Alleviate Humanitarian Crisis

New York Times: Will President Trump Help Save Yemen?
Editorial Board

“Add cholera to the famine threat and other crises that are devastating Yemen. More than 360 people have died of the disease in recent weeks, and thousands more are at risk. All that is unfolding against a civil war that has killed 10,000 people in two years and come to a grim stalemate … President Trump could have used his trip to Saudi Arabia this week to spotlight the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and push for a political solution to the conflict. … The war has put seven million people in danger of starvation, crushed the economy, and decimated the health system. The problems are exacerbated by a virtual blockade of the Houthi-held port of Hudaydah, a lifeline for food and medicine entering Yemen. … A comprehensive peace deal may be out of reach, but the United States, Britain, and the United Nations could focus on interim measures that would put Hudaydah under the administration of neutral parties and impose the quickest possible cease-fire” (5/25).