President Trump Should Commit To ‘Renewed Focus’ On HIV/AIDS Efforts

The Hill: Trump must take action to help America fight against HIV/AIDS
David Furnish, chair of the Elton John AIDS Foundation

“…After years of gains in treatment and prevention, new breakthroughs and policy ideas point the clearest way forward to an AIDS-free generation since the epidemic began. Yet the risk of losing key ground is real, and new infections driven by the opioid epidemic pose a generational threat. By seizing the potential of this moment, President Trump could change the course of this fight. … [T]reatment innovation is speeding up, as safer, cheaper, more effective, and more flexible medications continue to emerge thanks to critical research funded by federal dollars. By dedicating renewed focus to this issue, President Trump could acknowledge these advancements and signal an important change in approach to the rest of the government. … President Trump stands at a moment of real opportunity in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This new year has the potential to be decisive, but the speed and strength of our progress will depend on what the White House does next. By joining the fight, President Trump can change history and save lives” (2/2).