Prejudice Surrounding HIV Must End In Order To Effectively Prevent, Treat Infections

The Guardian: HIV remains a global health problem, thanks to ignorance and prejudice
Norman Fowler, author, former cabinet minister with Margaret Thatcher, and former chair of the Conservative party

“More than 35 million people are living with HIV but about half of those do not know they are infected. In other words, around 18 million live in ignorance of their condition. … Many of the 18 million will go on living in the way they always have; having sex and spreading the virus. Too many drug users will continue to share needles and too many sex workers will not take basic precautions. … The scandal is that one of the main reasons why people with HIV do not come forward for testing is that they know they will come up against a wall of discrimination and prejudice. … In my view, HIV will not be defeated until there is a vaccine. … A vaccine will not end the prejudice with HIV but it will give us the means to go around it…” (6/7).