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Politico Examines Retraction, Resubmission Of HHS HIV Immigration Policy

Politico’s Blog “Under the Radar” explores the HHS’ recent decision to revise documents submitted to the Federal Register regarding a change in HIV-related immigration policy.

The blog looks at differences between the original document sent to the Federal Register on Monday compared to the version slated to be resubmitted by the HHS Thursday, noting that while “the proposed rule was pulled from publication in Tuesday’s edition at the request of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius” late Monday because it was “‘incomplete,'” it was actually 12 pages longer than the replacement,” with “different data than the original about the potential for the move … that could ease sticker shock.”

Politico compares the two proposals – one which estimates the number of immigrants living in the U.S. with HIV after five years; the other which estimates the numbers after 20 years.  The blog continues: “Calculating 20 years out obviously had made the cost higher.” While “the new document estimates the additional health care expenditure five years from now … “[t]he total cost over the 20-year period is another figure removed in the second document.” The blog notes, CDC, the agency responsible for the documents, did not comment on the changes when asked.

The blog has links to both versions of the Federal Register documents (McGarr, 7/1).