Political Will Needed To Ensure Safeguards Set In Place For Rohingya Refugees’ Return

Washington Post: No more excuses. The Rohingya need our help.
Eric P. Schwartz, president of Refugees International

“…[T]he United States should seek to join with China to press both Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese military to agree to the return of the Rohingya refugees [to Myanmar] and to provide them with genuine safeguards. In particular, the United States, China, and other U.N. Security Council members should urge that such safeguards include rapid deployment of a U.N. peace observer mission to Rakhine state, home to the overwhelming majority of the refugees. … The politics of this effort would be extremely complicated. But it is worth a try, as it may be the only hope to promote regional peace and stability and keep faith with a Rohingya population whose most fervent desire is to live in peace in Burma” (10/12).