Policymakers In 5 Nations Cannot Confidently Answer Questions About Issues Surrounding Women, Girls, Survey Shows

Devex: Policymakers ‘flying blind’ on gender issues, survey finds
“Many policymakers are ill-informed about the most pressing issues affecting gender equality in their countries, including the number of women in the labor force and how many are dying in childbirth, according to a new report published by a coalition of NGOs and private sector companies working to fill the gender data gap. The report, published on Wednesday by Equal Measures 2030 — a civil society and private sector partnership that collects data, analysis, and evidence to drive gender equality in developing countries — assesses the extent to which policymakers are informed about, and have access to, data linked to the Sustainable Development Goals on gender…” (Edwards, 9/20).

Newsweek: World Leaders Don’t Understand Women — And That’s Hurting Gender Equality, Study Finds
“…A new study released late Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly questions whether policymakers in five countries are equipped with the basic information they need to advance gender equality. Equal Measures 2030, a global partnership of nine organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted a survey of 109 policymakers in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Senegal. … The results revealed that, when it came to key issues affecting girls and women, those in charge were ‘largely not confident in their knowledge of the facts’…” (Jones, 9/20).