Peru Hopes To Continue Fight Against Child Malnutrition Under New Government

Despite a seven percent annual growth rate over the past five years and a prediction from former President Alan Garcia that Peru will meet the millennium development goals (MDGs), “chronic infant malnutrition has been difficult to stamp out, particularly in rural areas,” the Guardian’s “Poverty Matters Blog” reports. In addition to geography challenging health workers in this mountainous country, language barriers, economic class and habits of eating lower-cost, low-protein foods contribute to malnutrition in children five years of age or younger, according to the blog.

However, Peru’s health ministry is taking a multi-sectoral approach to fighting malnutrition, including education programs, vitamin distribution and friendly cooking competitions for mothers, the blog notes. “The model has been exported around the world and the view of the [country’s] new government, which has yet to spend 100 days in power, is expected to be: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the blog concludes (Collyns, 9/27).