Partnerships, U.N. Development System Reform Will Help To Achieve 2030 Agenda

Inter Press Service: Don’t Move Resources from Development to Security, Warns U.N. Chief
António Guterres, U.N. secretary general

“…[T]he agendas of sustainable development and the agendas of preventing (conflict) and sustaining peace need to be linked. But here there is a caveat — that link should not be a pretext to move resources from development to security. … [W]e are not fully ready for the new challenges of the present agenda 2030. That is why I presented to ECOSOC a first report on the reform of the U.N. development system. … I think that looking at this Assembly, one can only be enthusiastic about the fact that there is a very strong commitment not only to the implementation of the agenda but a very strong affirmation of support to multilateral governance as the way to lead the 2030 Agenda, respecting the leadership of member states but recognizing that only working together we can rebuild the trust that is needed and we can make the Agenda 2030 that factor that brings the fair globalization the world needs in the present times” (7/17).