Pandemic Threatens Africa’s Health Care Workforce; Multi-Dimensional Crisis Impacts Afghanistan; Europe Looks To Recover; COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise In Latin America; White House Task Force To Hold First Briefing In 2 Months


AP: Kenya: 3 people killed in clash with police over face masks (Odula, 6/26).

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New York Times: For Those Getting Married, a Searchable Domestic Violence Database (Wee, 6/25).

U.N. News: Coronavirus casts ‘huge shadow’ over Afghan life as multi-dimensional crisis continues (6/25).

Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Overwhelms New Delhi’s Hospitals (Roy et al., 6/25).


AP: Portugal scrambles to regroup amid 100s of new virus cases (Hatton, 6/26).

AP: After waves of COVID deaths, care homes face legal reckoning (Leicester, 6/25).

Bloomberg: Covid Antibody Tests Not Ready for U.K. Roll-Out, Experts Warn (Mulier, 6/25).

New York Times: In Norway, Gymgoers Avoid Infections as Virus Recedes (Kolata, 6/25).

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NPR: COVID-19 Infection Rate In Rio’s Favelas Far Exceeds Official Count, A New Study Says (Reeves, 6/25).

Washington Post: Latin America’s coronavirus crisis is only getting worse (Tharoor, 6/26).


Reuters: Israel, Palestinians tighten restrictions as coronavirus reemerges (Rabinovitch et al., 6/24).


The Hill: White House coronavirus task force to hold first briefing in nearly two months (Samuels, 6/25).

The Hill: White House task force tracking coronavirus spikes even as Trump says virus is ‘going away’: report (Bowden, 6/25).

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