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Panama Conference Shows LAC Region’s Commitment To Maternal, Child Health

In a post in USAID’s “IMPACTblog,” published as “part of a series to coincide with A Promise Renewed in the Americas: ‘Reducing Inequalities in Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Summit,’ that was held during September 10-12 in Panama,” Susan Thollaug, team leader for health and education for Latin America and the Caribbean, writes, “The conference was a call to action to address persisting inequalities in maternal and child health in the region. The Declaration of Panama signed on the first day expressed the commitment of 26 governments and many organizations to heed that call.” Noting “[t]he conference concluded with a provisional framework for reducing health inequities for women, children and youth in the LAC region,” she reflects on the importance of the conference and next steps for the region. Thollaug adds, “For the LAC region, some of the most difficult challenges in maternal, child, and adolescent health still lie ahead, because they require reaching those who are hardest to reach, but the Panama conference showed that solidarity and commitment in the region are strong” (9/23).