Pakistan Committed To Eliminating Polio; New Vaccination Campaign To Begin In June

Global Health NOW: Polio: Waiting for the Final Blow
“Dozens of member states pledged continued support for the global effort to eradicate polio during a #WHA72 committee meeting on Thursday morning. But one mattered more than most: Pakistan. … Pakistan’s representative assured fellow delegates that his government is fully committed to its polio elimination program — despite the recent suspension of a massive campaign to immunize more than 40 million children under 5 following the murders of 2 police officers protecting polio immunization teams…” (Simpson, 5/23).

New York Times: To Calm Nervous Families, Pakistan Changes Polio Vaccination Tactics
“After serious setbacks in April led to a cluster of new polio cases, Pakistan is revamping its vaccination strategy in a renewed effort to wipe out the virus. … Now, vaccination teams will take a friendlier approach, ask fewer questions, make fewer follow-up visits, and stop recording extensive details about the families they visit, Pakistan’s polio eradication program announced. … A new vaccination drive is scheduled for the second week of June; thousands of teams will spread out around the country trying to reach almost 40 million children under age 10…” (McNeil, 5/24).