Pakistan Begins New Polio Vaccination Campaign In Effort To Eliminate Disease

ABC News: Inside Pakistan’s fight for zero polio cases, where women are on the frontlines
“…Poor public infrastructure, hard-to-reach communities, high population movement, cultural barriers, and armed conflict have made it difficult for Pakistan to eliminate the potentially fatal virus, according to health experts. But Pakistan has undertaken nationwide, government-backed anti-polio campaigns that have steadily decreased the number of new cases in recent years and have brought the country agonizingly close to zero…” (Windsor et al., 8/5).

Associated Press: Pakistan’s new vaccination drive, ‘final push’ against polio
“A Pakistani health official says authorities have launched a week-long anti-polio campaign touted as a ‘final push’ against the crippling disease. Its aim is to vaccinate millions of children under five years of age…” (8/6).