Oxfam Urges U.S. Congress To Protect Humanitarian, Development Funding In FY18 Budget

Oxfam America’s “Politics of Poverty”: In defense of U.S. foreign assistance: A final call to Congressional leaders
David Saldivar, aid effectiveness policy and advocacy manager at Oxfam America, discusses the FY18 U.S. foreign assistance budget, writing, “As Congress finalizes the budget it will send to the president, we urge the House of Representatives to join with the Senate and reject short-sighted, hard-hearted cuts to key international affairs accounts that are essential to fighting poverty and building prosperity. … Poverty, injustice, and humanitarian disasters won’t go away just because we stop helping to address them. It is irresponsible to pull back and hope others will step in to fill the void. We urge the House to do its part this week and ensure that crucial, life-saving humanitarian and development funding is not tossed aside” (11/16).