Oxfam Adviser Highlights 6 Findings Of 2018 Global Humanitarian Assistance Report

Oxfam’ s “From Poverty To Power”: The Global Humanitarian Assistance 2018 report is out today — here are six top findings
Duncan Green, strategic adviser for Oxfam GB, outlines six top findings from the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2018: “1. Humanitarian Assistance (HA) mainly goes to a small number of countries; … 2. HA is growing in absolute terms and as a percentage of overall aid budgets; … 3. HA still mainly flows via the big aid organizations; … 4. Local NGOs are still living off scraps — localization ain’t happening; … 5. Emergencies aren’t emergencies any more — they are long-term crises; … [and] 6. Cash Transfers are on a roll” (6/19).