Opinion Pieces Examine U.S., Global Ebola Efforts, Ability To Respond To Future Epidemics

Project Syndicate: Ebola and Beyond
Lawrence Gostin, professor of global health law at Georgetown University

“…The West African Ebola epidemic should inspire a course correction on international health policy, reinforcing the need for rapid-response tools and strong health care infrastructure. Establishing frameworks to provide scalable, sustainable funding to achieve these goals is a wise and affordable investment — one that is in everyone’s interest. This is one humanitarian response that would provide vast benefits worldwide, now and in the future” (11/19).

Roll Call: On Ebola Funding, Don’t Forget Lessons from the AIDS Epidemic
Claire Pomeroy, president of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation

“…How much [medical and public health research] funding is enough? It’s time for us to have that national conversation once again. We do not know what the superbugs of tomorrow will look like. But we do know that novel pathogens will emerge or existing ones will mutate, and that as global travel and migration inexorably increase, disease knows no border. It is time for us to stop chasing at AIDS and Ebola from behind, and take stock of our capacity to commit” (11/19).