Opinion Pieces Examine Media Coverage Of Migrant Caravan, Ebola Outbreaks

Esquire: The Media Is Failing on The Caravan, Just Like It Failed on The Emails and The Great Ebola Panic
Jack Holmes, associate editor for News & Politics at Esquire

“…The fact that [the migrant caravan] is getting exhaustive coverage is just the latest failure in a campaign homestretch from the mainstream media in this country, following a 2016 meltdown over Hillary Clinton’s email security protocol and a 2014 cycle where the media went apocalyptic over an Ebola outbreak in [western] Africa…” (10/24).

The Hill: Democrats have to beat the Republican fear campaigns
Former Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.)

“Fear works in most elections. Reason does not. … In 2018, it’s the migrant caravan. In 2014, the last midterm election, it was the Ebola virus. … Cable television became ‘Ebola Central.’ … Panic about Ebola crowded out any Democratic midterm message and it had an impact…” (10/24).

New York Times: Trump’s Ignoring Our Real ‘National Emergies’
Nicholas Kristof, opinion columnist at the New York Times

“…Ebola, like the Central American caravan, is a reminder of the distinction between grandstanding and governing. [President] Obama’s technocratic Ebola program … may have worried voters, but it was effective. Instead of careening around the world to kill millions and devastate the global economy, the Ebola virus was contained and eventually burned out. Good governance often turns out to be bad politics, and vice versa” (10/24).