Opinion Pieces Discuss U.S. Federal Ebola Efforts, Plight Of Physicians In Sierra Leone

Washington Post: Federal employees are heavily involved in the fight against Ebola
Joe Davidson, columnist

“…Though [Ebola] is centered 4,500 miles away and has affected very few in the United States, federal employees, both civilian and military, are in the forefront of the battle against the deadly disease. … One of them is Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health. … The Federal Diary spoke with Fauci at his NIH office in Bethesda about the ways the federal workforce is fighting Ebola…” (12/16).

Washington Post: Sierra Leone’s crisis deepens as doctors die of Ebola
Claudena Skran, Edwin and Ruth West professor of economics and society at Lawrence University

“…[N]early 10 percent of Sierra Leone’s doctors have perished from Ebola since the epidemic started in March. … Their deaths are not just personal tragedies for family and loved ones but also a tragedy for the country in its fight against Ebola and other health problems. … Even as new cases decline elsewhere in West Africa, Ebola continues to spread in Sierra Leone, the country’s response hindered by the tragic loss of its most trained medical personnel. … In order for this battle to be won, others will need to step in to fill the void left by the passing of … physicians in Sierra Leone” (12/16).