Opinion Pieces Address Malnutrition Ahead Of Nutrition For Growth Summit

The following is a summary of opinion pieces addressing the issue of malnutrition ahead of the Nutrition for Growth summit to take place in London on Saturday.

  • Lucy Martinez Sullivan, Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog: “In just a few days, on June 8th, the governments of the U.K. and Brazil together with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation will do something that I hope will turn the tide on malnutrition,” Sullivan, executive director of 1,000 Days, writes, referring to the summit. “It is expected that a few leaders and philanthropists will make game-changing financial commitments to dramatically improve nutrition for millions of women and children around the world and save lives,” she notes, adding, “It is time we all double-down on ending the unimaginable tragedy of losing a single child — let alone three million children — to malnutrition” (6/6).
  • Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Inter Press Service: Sundaram, assistant director-general for economic and social development at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “writes that while the Millennium Development Goal of halving hunger by 2015 is within reach, much more needs to be done to eradicate malnutrition.” He highlights the upcoming London summit and notes, “On Nov. 19-21, 2014, the FAO, the [WHO] and others in the U.N. system will co-organize the inter-governmental International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), 22 years after the first one in 1992, to establish the bases for sustained international cooperation and policy coordination to overcome malnutrition” (6/6).