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Opinion Piece Highlights 4 Ways To Improve Family Planning Programs

Devex: 4 ways to strengthen family planning programs
Erica Belanger, advocacy adviser at the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Angela Mutunga, East Africa regional program adviser for Advance Family Planning

“…[T]he success of family planning programs can only be achieved if the necessary supplies are accessible, available, and affordable to meet the growing demand for contraceptives. Here are four ways to improve in family planning programs. 1. Increase funding for contraceptives … 2. Strengthen fragile health systems … 3. Take action to tackle blocks … 4. Manage funding for better innovation … While access to contraception is often taken for granted in the developed world, millions of women in the developing world still have an unmet need. We must ensure access to all women, men, and young people — regardless of their geography — and ensure that all have the right to access the same benefits” (9/26).