Opinion Piece Calls For Repeal Of Mexico City Policy

The Hill: We must repeal the Global Gag Rule to protect girls’ and women’s lives
Terry McGovern, Harriet and Robert H. Heilbrunn professor and chair at the Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health at Columbia University

“…[The Mexico City policy] directly violates the national sovereignty of countries receiving U.S. global health assistance ‘to decide for themselves.’ … A 2019 study in The Lancet found that, instead of reducing abortion, the gag rule actually caused a 40 percent increase in a country’s typical abortion rate, a 14 percent decrease in the use of contraception and a 12 percent increase in pregnancies. … But the administration does not talk about these connections. … We need to push back … and disrupt this administration’s attempt to distort established principles of public health and human rights. The women and girls of the world deserve better” (2/6).