Single HPV Vaccine Dose Might Protect Against Cervical Cancer, Study Shows; Could Improve Access In Developing Countries

News outlets report on a study on HPV vaccine dosing published Wednesday in The Lancet Oncology.

Agence France-Presse: Single dose of vaccine may prevent cervical cancer
“A single vaccine shot, rather than the recommended triple dose, may be enough to protect women against cervical cancer, a study said on Wednesday. If further work validates the findings, there could be major gains for campaigns to vaccinate young women in poor countries, the authors said…” (6/9).

Reuters: One dose of cervical cancer vaccine may suffice, scientists say
“…Aimee Kreimer of the U.S. National Cancer Institute [said,] ‘If one dose is sufficient, it could reduce vaccination and administration costs as well as improve uptake. This is especially important in less developed regions of the world where more than 80 percent of cervical cancer cases occur’…” (Hirschler, 6/9).

ScienceShot: For HPV vaccine, one dose goes a long way
“…The vaccine, which prevents certain types of cervical cancer, has seen poor adoption, particularly in developing countries. There, the prescribed series of three injections is a financial and logistical burden for those without easy access to health care…” (Servick, 6/9).