On World Health Day, Global Community Must Commit To Preventing Deaths, Complications From Diabetes

Huffington Post: World Health Day 2016: Let’s Beat Diabetes
Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO

“…Preventing deaths and complications from diabetes requires access to affordable health care services with equipment sufficient to diagnose and monitor diabetes; patient education to promote healthy diet, physical activity and self-care; essential medicines for diabetes management, including life-saving insulin; regular screening for complications and early treatment when they are found; and a referral system across various levels of health care. Governments also need to invest in better monitoring of diabetes, including who is getting access to the treatment they need, and who is missing out. Together, we can halt the rise in diabetes and provide care to improve quality of life for the millions of people living with the disease. Deliberate, effective responses are needed from government; health care providers; civil society; producers of medicines, technologies, and food; from people living with diabetes; and from each of us. Everyone has a role to play” (4/6).