NYT, Boston Globe Examine Work Of Clinton Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative In Rwanda

New York Times: Rwanda Aid Shows Reach and Limits of Clinton Foundation
The newspaper profiles the Clinton Foundation, highlighting the successes of and challenges faced by its programs in Rwanda. The piece also explores the relationship between the foundation and Rwandan leadership; the criticisms of the organization’s fundraising practices in light of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign; and “the potential for conflicts of interest and associations with foreign leaders that run up against United States policy” (Sack/Fink, 10/18).

Boston Globe: State Dept. aided Clinton-backed Rwanda effort
The newspaper discusses the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s efforts to improve Rwanda’s health care system, including working with the ELMA Foundation, the Rwandan government, and the U.S. government to bolster the nation’s human resources for health (Linskey, 10/17).