Nigeria’s Premium Times Examines Global Fund’s 2018 Audits And Investigations Report

Premium Times: Global Fund for Health: How seven African countries squandered millions of foreign aid
“…Despite the billions in aid money from Global Fund for over a decade, Africa, however, is still dogged by disturbing health statistics. This is partly because corrupt and incompetent officials undercut progress in health management in the continent. … Premium Times reviewed a Global Fund audit report that covered the period between January 7 and December 17. The report revealed how aid money disappeared in the hands of corrupt officials in some African countries. Seven countries top the list of nine indicted of fraud and incompetence in the 2018 ‘audits and investigations’ from the Office of the Inspector-General (OIG), an independent arm of Global Fund. The top seven are Mozambique, Guinea, Zambia, Kenya, Central African Republic, Nigeria, and the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)…” (Onyeji, 3/4).