Nigeria Races To Contain Spread Of Ebola

News outlets report on the response to the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria.

Reuters: Third person dies of Ebola fever in Nigeria
“A member of the West African regional body Ecowas has become the third person in Nigeria to die of Ebola fever, Ecowas said on Wednesday…” (Eboh/Onuah, 8/13).

Reuters: Nigeria races to halt Ebola spread in overcrowded Lagos
“…As Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria has a better health system than the other West African countries which are among the poorest in the world, and Ebola doesn’t spread through the air or water supply as with many other epidemic diseases. But health experts — who are trying to overcome superstition and public ignorance about Ebola as well as the disease itself — say there is now only a short opportunity to find and lock down other infected people before the outbreak in the city of 21 million gets out of hand…” (Cocks, 8/13).