Next U.N. Secretary General Should Be Qualified Woman Who Can Lead On Food Security

Huffington Post: The Next U.N. Secretary General: An Experienced Woman to Foster Global Food Security
Dan Glickman, former congressman and secretary of agriculture

“…The future of [the U.N.’s Zero Hunger Challenge], and of humanitarian responses to food-related crises generally, should be on world leaders’ minds in choosing a new U.N. secretary general to replace Ban Ki-moon when he steps down at the end of next year. It is imperative that someone with a strong commitment to the U.N.’s focus on development and food security, as well as an established track record of leadership in this field, be selected. In my judgment it would also be a big step forward if they chose a woman. … [T]he time is ripe for a woman possessing the credentials, leadership, and management skills to head the United Nations and ensure that food security remains a top priority for the U.N. and the international community…” (7/7).