News Outlets Profile USAID Administrator Nominee Smith, Experts’ Opinions Over Nomination

Devex: Sounding off on the nomination of Gayle Smith as USAID chief
“…Gayle Smith is a White House insider, serving as special assistant to the president and senior director of the National Security Council. Her name was one of those being floated earlier on to be the next USAID chief. Indeed, she was also rumored to have been in contention for that position during the early days of the Obama administration. If confirmed, how will Smith lead USAID? Senior Global Development Reporter Michael Igoe spoke with industry experts to get their take…” (Villarino, 5/7).

The Guardian: Who is the ‘Gayle-force wind’ picked by Obama to lead USAID?
“In the week since U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Gayle Smith to succeed Rajiv Shah as administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), there has been jubilation, consternation, and growing pressure for the Senate to confirm her appointment…” (Anyangwe, 5/8).