News Outlets Examine Potential Impacts Of Trump Administration On Women’s Health, Rights Worldwide

Cosmopolitan: Trump’s Presidency Could Be Life-Threatening to Women All Over the World
“…For women around the world, a Donald Trump/Mike Pence administration spells a policy of active hostility to reproductive rights and using U.S. dollars to hold other countries hostage to American abortion politics. For women who aren’t American and who had no say in this election, Trump and Pence are going to have an awful lot of influence over their futures — and it’s not going to be good. Some of them likely won’t live through it…” (Filipovic, 12/22).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Women’s rights face a daunting new year worldwide, campaigners warn
“Women’s rights face enormous challenges worldwide in 2017 with campaigners expecting fights to keep health clinics open, to save programs preventing unwanted pregnancies, and to enforce laws protecting women from violence. Globally, women’s rights are in the crosshairs of rising isolationism and right-wing politics in Western Europe and the United States, where President-elect Donald Trump has promised to unravel an array of beneficial policies…” (Wulfhorst, 12/30).