News Outlets Examine Origins, Lasting Effects Of Ebola Epidemic In Sierra Leone, Liberia

Foreign Policy: Ebola Is Now Killing People Who Aren’t Even Infected
“…[T]here are signs … that the ravaging toll Ebola has taken on Sierra Leone’s health care system may mean even more mothers and children will die in years to come. … [L]ocal doctors and international NGOs, including Care USA, estimate that for each person Ebola has killed through direct infection, more than one Sierra Leonean will perish from the secondary effects of the crisis…” (Hongoltz-Hetling, 12/7).

New York Times: Report Traces Ebola’s Spread in Liberia
“Ebola viruses that sickened many people during the height of the epidemic in Liberia can be traced back to a single case of the disease probably introduced from Sierra Leone, according to a report published Wednesday in the journal Cell Host and Microbe…” (Fink, 12/9).

Wall Street Journal: Fresh Ebola Cases Damp Liberia Hopes of Eliminating Deadly Disease
“…Twice this year, Liberia, the worst hit of all Ebola-affected nations with at least 4,800 deaths blamed on the disease, has been declared Ebola-free, only to see new cases appear. … [W]ith new instances of the disease in Liberia, doctors and public health officials in West Africa now face another prognosis. While another large Ebola outbreak is highly unlikely due to enormous progress in detecting and responding to the disease, patients infected with the virus may continue to walk through hospital doors for months, possibly years, to come…” (Hinshaw/McKay, 12/9).