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News Outlets Examine Ebola Epidemic’s Lessons, Mysteries, Response Failures

Nature: Spread of Ebola ends: 7 lessons from a devastating epidemic
“…The epidemic has been one of the worst international health disasters in history: unprecedented in its duration as well as the number of people it infected and killed. Here are seven lessons that health officials and the world at large have learned from the harrowing event…” (Hayden, 1/14).

NPR: 5 Mysteries About Ebola: From Bats To Eyeballs To Blood
“…We asked Dr. Daniel Bausch, an expert on Ebola who is now working with the World Health Organization, to list the top five mysteries researchers still need to clear up…” (Aizenman, 1/14).

SciDev.Net: Ebola over, but WHO failure pinned on politicians
“…Many involved in the crisis found the WHO’s response to the epidemic in West Africa inept, dysfunctional, even shambolic,’ writes Adam Kamradt-Scott, a health security researcher at the University of Sydney, Australia. But such bodies ‘are ultimately the creations of governments,’ and member states that limited the organization’s budgets and powers must share the blame, he adds in the paper published in the journal Third World Quarterly on 4 January…” (Rabesandratana, 1/15).